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Fall 2023 Semester

innovating victory.jpg
September 26th, 8 p.m. ET
Vincent O’Hara & Leonard Heinz:
Innovating Victory: Naval Technology in Three Wars
sustianing the carrier war.jpg
October 24th, 8 p.m. ET
Stan Fisher:
Sustaining the Carrier War: The Deployment of U.S. Naval Air Power to the Pacific
Naval war college friedman.jpg
November 11th, 1 p.m. ET
Hal M Friedman:
US Naval War College between 1945 and 1947

target hong kong.jpg
December 5th, 8 p.m. ET
Steven K Bailey;
Target Hong Kong: A true story of U.S. Navy pilots at war

Churchcill Arsenal.jpg
October 4th, 8 p.m. ET
Larrie D. Ferreiro:
Churchill's American Arsenal: The Partnership Behind the Innovations that Won World War II
battle of the cities.jpg
November 4th, 1 p.m. ET
Anthony Tucker-Jones:
Battle of the Cities: Urban Warfare on the Eastern Front

Strategy in Crisis.jpg
November 19th, 2 p.m. ET
John Kuehn:
Savage Storm.jpg
December 16th, 1 p.m. ET
James Holland:
Luttwak Military Innovation.jpg
November 9th, 8 p.m. ET
Edward Luttwak
The Art of Military Innovation: Lessons from the Israel Defense Forces
navies divided.jpg
November 25th, 1 p.m. ET
Brian Lavery:
Two Navies Divided: The British and United States Navies in the Second World War
Bloody Verierres.jpg
December 19th, 8 p.m. ET
Arthur Gullachsen:
Bloody Verrières: The I. SS-Panzerkorps Defence of the Verrières-Bourguebus Ridges
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