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eisenhower &  rangers

World War II Discussion Forum

Summer 2024 Semester
All lectures are free, virtual and open to the public.

June 1st, 1 p.m. ET
The Light of Battle: Eisenhower, D-Day, and the Birth of the American Superpower
Northern Luzon in the Spring of 1945.jpg
June 18th, 8p.m. ET
The useless campaign in Northern Luzon in the Spring of 1945
June 8th, 1 p.m. ET
Night of the Bayonets: The Texel Uprising and Hitler's Revenge, April–May 1945
FDR Unmaksed.jpg
June 29th, 1p.m. ET
FDR Unmasked: 73 Years of Medical Cover-ups That Rewrote
June 15th, 1 p.m. ET
Supremacy at Sea: Task Force 58 and the Central Pacific Victory
July 2nd, 8p.m. ET
Delivering Destruction: American Firepower and Amphibious Assault from Tarawa to Iwo Jima
Hitler Panzer.jpg
July 16th, 8p.m. ET
Hitler's Panzer Generals: Guderian, Hoepner, Reinhardt and Schmidt Unguarded
August 6th, 8p.m. ET
Massacre at Oradour-sur-Glane: Nazi Gold and the Murder of an Entire French Town by SS Division Das Reich
Amaerican thunder.jpg
July 23rd, 8p.m. ET
American Thunder: U.S. Army Tank Design, Development, and Doctrine in World War II 
six forces.jpg
August 13th, 8p.m. ET
Six Air Forces Over the Atlantic: How Allied Airmen Helped Win the Battle of the Atlantic
FDR Foreign Policy.jpg
July 30th, 8p.m. ET
Unlikely Heroes: Franklin Roosevelt, His Four Lieutenants, and the World They Made
Churchill-and-Eisenhower-2 (1).jpg
August 20th, 8p.m. ET
 The Lion and The General: Churchill, Eisenhower and the Friendship That Changed The World
August 27th, 8p.m. ET
Nightstalkers: : The Wright Project and the 868th Bomb Squadron in World War II

"You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you." - Leon Trotsky

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